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Email marketing: affordable digital marketing

Email marketing is considered a killer method to do effective low-cost internet marketing. It is the most widely used and reputable method of bringing targeted traffic to websites. It can be used to stay in touch with your customers or potential customers, send out invites, or send out special offers or discounts.

It can be as easy as writing an email in the form of a newsletter, or a regular announcement and sending it to as many targeted recipients as you have. However, there are better ways of going about it. Here are some of the best tips for sending out email marketing.

“Can the Spam”

Ensure you are only sending out interesting information that your recipients will actually have a use for, do not abuse your email list.

Encourage your recipients to actually open the emails

Your email is likely to get lost in the sea of emails that your recipients most likely receive every day. Improve the chance of your recipients opening your emails by improving your subject line, you can do this by using white space creatively, adding symbols, using capital letters, asking compelling questions, being believable and not using the word FREE.

Be genuine

Don’t try to bait customers to your website through false or misleading claims, ensure you are being as genuine and good as you can be.

Don’t go too low

Obviously, while offering discounts is a good way of attracting customers to your site, make sure you’re not cutting into your profits by doing so.

Have purpose

While you should keep your emails short and sweet. Including seminars, conferences, and other events in your email will greatly benefit businesses that require training. With emails that require RSVPs, its important to take your reputation into consideration. Also make sure that you don’t jump the gun before sending a reminder email.

Post news

Sending out emails that contain news and information can be useful for your subscribers. You should try and keep these kinds of emails short, simple, and straight to the point to be effective.