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Welcome to the Pardot User Group Christmas Quiz. Here’s your chance to win some swag!

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1. What is the name of the function used by Engage for Gmail to add prospects directly to a list?

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2. Which standard connectors can be activated in Pardot [Choose two answers]

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3. A user selected ‘wait up to a maximum of five days’ for the trigger on their engagement program. What will happen during this part of the program?

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4. What do variable tags do when you use them in an email?

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5. In which two ways can a prospect’s score be changed? (Choose two)

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6. In Pardot Engagement Studio, each individual email in an engagement program can have a specific time set to send.

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7. Which out of Scoring and Grading measures explicit information?

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8. Pardot assigns an initial grade of D to all Prospects. What is the range of letter grade weightings?

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9. When you delete an asset, it’s moved to the recycle bin. Which of the following assets can you restore from the recycle bin? (choose three)

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10. What is the minimum information you need to convert a visitor to a prospect in Pardot?

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